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Jim Kalperis & Otis Porter on Falmouth Schools

"The day the school opened, the students all assembled in the old high school, and whatever they could bring and carry by hand, they all marched from that school over to the new Lawrence School - it was quite an adventure."

Jim Kalperis, former Falmouth High School faculty member, and Otis Porter, former history teacher, share stories and memories from Falmouth's public schools. This oral history interview was conducted by Barbara Kanellopoulos on March 11, 2022, at Falmouth Community Television.


The (old) Village Grammar School, opened in 1904 and torn down in 1966, stood on what is now Town Hall Square.


The (new) Village School was renamed the Mullen School in honor of Principal Margaret Mullen, and merged with the Henry W. Hall School to form the current-day Mullen-Hall.

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