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Reverend Will Mebane on Saint Barnabas

"Historically Saint Barnabas has been known as a community parish. By that I mean a place that was open to the community, to organizations, non-profits and the like [...] so today we do the same thing."

Reverend Will H. Mebane, Jr. recounts the origin story of one of the most striking buildings on Main Street. A parish established by the Beebe family, St. Barnabas is architecturally and historically distinct, and its campus is one of the essential sights of the entry into downtown Falmouth.

This interview was conducted by Troy Clarkson on February 24, 2020 at Falmouth Community Television.

St. Barnabas Church, Falmouth, Mass. [Published by the Valentine & Sons' Pub Co., Ltd.]<br />
St. Barnabas Memorial Church, Falmouth, Mass.

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