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Mark Pearson on the College Light Opera Company

"If you live here and you know the CLOC is here, you may be permitted to make the mistake - to think, "Oh, every community must have one of these' - but this is a truly unique organization [...] you couldn't do this just anywhere."

Executive and Artistic Director Mark Pearson details the history of Falmouth's summer stock theatre company. From Highfield to Bridgefields - and far beyond - CLOC connects young artists to each other and to Falmouth in their pursuit of art. This oral history interview was conducted by Troy Clarkson on August 19, 2021, at Falmouth Community Television.

The Inn, West Falmouth, Mass.

The West Falmouth Inn, CLOC's home since 1975.

Grounds J. A. Beebe Res. Falmouth, Mass

The grounds of Tanglewood, J. Arthur Beebe's estate and the onetime home of CLOC.

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