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Falmouth at Home


Falmouth at Home is a collection of photographs taken by the Falmouth community that documents how we spent our days while staying close to home during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Honoring Falmouth Veterans



The celebration of Memorial Day has quite a history in Falmouth, most notably the Memorial Day Parade. 

Procession routes, dating back to the early 1900’s, included Palmer Avenue, Main Street, and Shore Street.  Recognition services took place at the Soldier’s Lot in the Oak Grove Cemetery, the Lawrence Academy, which was at one time the Grand Army of the Republic Hall, the Village Green, and the Old Stone Dock to recognize local sailors. 

Most residents today think of the Memorial Library lawn as where we honor those that died in service of our country.  In fact, it was in 1925 that the Town dedicated the Memorial Bench to 220 WWI veterans and 3 Spanish-American War veterans, and it was in 1962 that Falmouth’s Council of Veterans Organizations asked Selectmen to name the walk "Memory Lane," where they erected 13 bronze markers of local servicemen who lost their life in WWII or in Korea.

Also known as Decoration Day, many residents today may recall when a procession of young girls decorated each marker with a red, white, and blue bouquet.  Above is a picture of Library staff member Carrie Aiken doing just that.  Carrie happens to be a direct descendant of the Hatch family, the niece of recently deceased veteran Donald Fish, and a cousin of Clarence Milanese, one of the 13 servicemen recognized on Memory Lane.

To honor our local heroes on Memorial Day, the Falmouth Public Library is accepting and sharing photos of Falmouth residents who bravely gave their lives in battle. Click on "Contribute an Item" above to submit, and please include the veteran's name, branch of service, and the war in which they served.

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We are grateful for our local heroes.

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Postcards from Falmouth: Notes on Falmouth History


Beautiful Quisset Harbor, Falmouth

Based on postcards from the Falmouth Public Library's Historical Postcard Collection, Notes on Falmouth History features brief historical excerpts on various locations and landmarks found among the resources in the Library's Local History Collection.

Find out about: Falmouth's First Post Office, Main Street, North Falmouth Tea Rooms, Lawrence's Sandwich Depot, Teaticket Inn, Camp Cowasset, East End Meeting House, Falmouth Playhouse, Falmouth Village, Main Street

Most of the notes' sources are from  The Falmouth Enterprise Archives, The Book of Falmouth, Legendary Locals of Falmouth Massachusetts.  

"Postcards from Falmouth" is a Library Services Technology Act grant, administered by the Massachusetts Board of Library Commissioners [MBLC], with the express goal to collect and digitally preserve local history resources and add them to the historical record.

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Oral Histories of Falmouth



This collection of oral histories about Falmouth are inspired by the Library's extensive historical postcard collection of Falmouth locations and landmarks.

The historians are all residents of Falmouth, as are the interviewers, Barbara Kannellopoulos and Troy Clarkson.  The histories were recorded at FCTV.

Postcards from Falmouth is a local history project made possible by a Library Services Technology Act grant administered by the Massachusetts Board of Library Commissioners.

Follow the Road Race Route by Postcards!

PFF_Gunning_0807a_Main Street Wood Hole.jpg

Main St., Woods Hole, Mass.

Click on the link to the right to see postcards of landmarks and locations along the seven mile route of the Falmouth Road Race.  Feel free to add your comments by clicking on the postcards or, better yet, submit your photos of the Falmouth Road Race, past and present, by clicking on "Contribute an Item" above!

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