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Rabbi Elias Lieberman on the East End Meeting House

"The Jewish community had been meeting in St. Barnabas Church, in bank meeting rooms, and the opportunity to create a home was really just enormously powerful and wonderful."

Rabbi Elias Lieberman discusses the East End Meeting House, which is part of the Falmouth Jewish Congregation. This interview was conducted by Troy Clarkson on February 24, 2020 at Falmouth Community Television.


The majority of East End Meeting House postcards in FPL's collection were sent as invitations to church services.

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Web Resources:

  • The Falmouth Jewish Congregation online
  • FPL Historic Postcard Collection: The Anita Gunning and Robert C. Hunt Postcard collections, archived on the Digital Commonwealth. Search by topic, location, or the card identifiers provided in the video transcript below.
  • Memorial Scrolls Trust: A London-based nonprofit that preserves Torah scrolls and other Jewish artifacts stolen from Czech synagogues during World War II, and loans them to Jewish congregations worldwide.
  • American Jewish Archive: "The largest free-standing repository dedicated solely to the study of the American Jewish experience."

From the Falmouth Enterprise archive: