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Postcards from Falmouth: Notes on Falmouth History


Based on postcards from the Falmouth Public Library's Historical Postcard Collection, Notes on Falmouth History features brief historical excerpts on various locations and landmarks found among the resources in the Library's Local History Collection.

Find out about: Falmouth's First Post Office, Main Street, North Falmouth Tea Rooms, Lawrence's Sandwich Depot, Teaticket Inn, Camp Cowasset, East End Meeting House, Falmouth Playhouse, Falmouth Village, Main Street

Most of the notes' sources are from  The Falmouth Enterprise Archives, The Book of Falmouth, Legendary Locals of Falmouth Massachusetts.  

"Postcards from Falmouth" is a Library Services Technology Act grant, administered by the Massachusetts Board of Library Commissioners [MBLC], with the express goal to collect and digitally preserve local history resources and add them to the historical record.

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Oral Histories of Falmouth


Greetings from Falmouth Cape Cod Mass.

Welcome to the Postcards from Falmouth oral history collection!

This is a set of oral histories inspired by the Library's extensive collection of historical postcards of Falmouth. By inviting local oral historians to share their stories and recollections of the landmarks and locations depicted on the cards, our goal is to preserve and celebrate our town's history. 

Watch the videos, read the transcripts, and explore the community resources we've gathered on each exhibit page. Feel free to click on the postcards and add your recollections in the comment area, too. 

Want to see highlights from the collection? Follow the Library on Facebook and Instagram (@postcardsfromfalmouth).

Postcards from Falmouth is a local history project made possible by a Library Services Technology Act grant administered by the Massachusetts Board of Library Commissioners.

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