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Camp Cowasset


Before there was Wild Harbor Estates in North Falmouth, there was Camp Cowasset, a girls’ summer camp.   

According to the Book of Falmouth, the camp offered horseback riding, sailing, swimming and crafts to about 100 girls each summer, including Robert Frost’s daughter.  The campers slept in tents, and were required to bring “two pairs of black serge bloomers and six pairs of black stockings.”

Activities also included dinner at the “French  table,” where only French was spoken and where Madame Mensendieck stressed correct posture, which  was thought to bring “health and poise to the growing girls.”  

Featured in the Falmouth Historical Society’s Legendary Locals of Falmouth, the camp was owned and managed by Beatrice Hunt, or “Miss Bea,” from 1915 to 1962.  In fact, the Historical Society acquired a collection of Camp Cowasset memorabilia in 2016.  The collection includes the personal diary of camper, Miriam Thomas, who describes “her struggles with horseback riding and hijinks with her cabin-mates.”  

Nous ne pouvons pas attendre l'été!

Are you former Camp Cowasset camper?  Click on the postcards and share your memories in the comment area.