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Teaticket Inn


Long before there was Falmouth there was Teaticket.  “Tataket” was the name the Wampanoag Tribe gave the area.  It translates roughly and appropriately, as “at the principal tidal stream.”  Book of Falmouth

 …and some might say that the Teaticket Inn was the “principal” inn for many traveling gourmands.  Owned by Joseph and Margaret (Pherson) Fish, the Inn was “a favorite stopping place” for travelers and drummers [sales people] who made the Inn their “home,” and who “greatly relish[ed] the good things prepared by “Aunty” Fish as she was affectionately called.” In fact, Mrs. Fish was described in The Enterprise as the “best cook on Cape Cod,” who was “reputed to serve a hearty meal and plenty for seconds or thirds or more.”   

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