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Lawrence's Sandwich Depot

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According to The Book of Falmouth, there were no tables at Lawrence’s back in the day; served on a paper plate, one ate their sandwich on a bench and balanced it upon their lap.  Known for operating a “spotlessly clean” establishment, Mr. Lawrence and his staff prepared sandwiches on large cutting boards:

“With quick deft strokes of their razor sharp knives they would cut off the slices of bread…, and apply the spread from jars surrounding the cutting boards.  Peanut butter and banana was a favorite, and no one could make them taste as good… It was said Mr. Lawrence’s skill with the knife was so accurate he could decapitate any fly foolish enough to light on his cutting board with a single swish of his blade.”

Do you know any Falmouth Heights residents that visited Lawrence’s Sandwich Depot in the 1930s or do you recall buying candy or sitting in a booth at Lawrence's Restaurant? Click on the image of a postcard to share a story about Lawrence's!