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This is my favorite selection of books - I love everything about plants and what you can do with them.

Each morning I awaken to find my bedside books piled in a different order than the night before; each is fighting for ‘pride of place’, hoping to be the next one I will read!


I'm not great at following recipes, but I do love to browse cookbooks looking for inspiration. Some of these are new(ish) acquisitions, other's I've had since the early 1980s.
My shelf space is limited, so at this point when I acquire a new…

The Dreamers (e-book)
This novel deals with a strange epidemic caused by a novel virus which suddenly appears in a California college town. It was published in early 2019 (!), but the parallels with this year are sometimes uncanny.
Thanks to the Libby app on my tablet, I…

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I checked this book out just days before the Falmouth Public Library closed, and soon after that, they asked us not to return items until further notice. There are worse books to be sequestered with.

Started reading the Decameron written in 1348 during the Black plague. 100 stories in 10 days. Amazing!

Here are my bookshelves. And I really do keep them this neat.
There is one sentimental book in the lot - Mr. McFadden's Hallowe'en by Rumer Godden. I read it in the 6th grade and as a result, dressed up as a jack-o-lantern for book report day.…

You might notice that my bookshelves do not only shelve books. There is an airplane, the box with the remains of our beloved cat Jane, some artwork from a friend that we haven’t hung up yet, and some unidentified stuffed toy. Bookshelves in our house…

Which you would never know from looking at the stacks of books in my house that are NOT on bookshelves!

Here are another couple of shelves of books. If you look closely you’ll see quite a few books by Maira Kalman, and if you look even closer you’ll see a series of books about the Stettheimer sisters. Reynolds Price sits not far from John Cheever,…
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