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Carved marble bust of female figure [28 x 12 x 21 in.]. The sitter wears a crown of stars and a cloak is draped over the proper left (PL) shoulder. The artifact is carved from a single block of white marble and is attached to a white marble sockle…

art_painting_lincoln_nimrod_2015-12-15 12.00.29.jpg
Gift of Margaret M. Baldwin and Marjorie Mullen in memory of their aunt, Margaret A. (Peg) Mullen, a teacher and principal of the Village School and the Mullen-Hall School in Falmouth, Mass. ; June 1995.

Wood frame ; signed lower right.

art_painting_lincoln_tallship_2015-12-15 12.12.04.jpg
Marine painting in wood frame.
Signed on lower right.

Title supplied by cataloger.

art_painting_unknown_proposedharbourforthetownoffalmouth_2016-01-20 11.04.06.jpg
1 painted plan, sepia tone watercolor in frame 26 x 52 3/4 in.

Hand painted plan for an outer harbor stretching beyond the Old Stone Dock and located at the end of Ocean Street, known today as Surf Drive Beach and Shore Street.


art_ceramics_morgan_tiles_2016-01-19 10.34.35.jpg
300 ceramic tiles mounted on wall ; 3 1/2 x 7 in.

Hand-made ceramic tiles of sea creatures line the entry wall of the children's room. Local artist, Tessa Morgan, created the tiles at the time of the 2006 library renovation.

art_painting_adelman_falmouthpubliclibrary_2016-01-05 12.20.06.jpg
1 oil painting in wood frame of the Main Street view of Falmouth Public Library prior to the 2008 addition.

art_painting_purwin_castle_2016-01-19 11.06.48.jpg
Brayer painting of a princess in a castle guarded by sentinels.

Created during artist demonstration in Falmouth Public Library's Childrens' Room.

art_painting_purwin_king fish_2016-01-19 11.13.23.jpg
Brayer painting of a fish with crown, a royal figure, a castle, and a thatched structure.

Created during artist demonstration in Falmouth Public Library's Childrens' Room.

What's Fun In Falmouth.pdf
Summer recreational guide published weekly from July Fourth to Labor Day. Distributed in two editions: What's Fun in Falmouth and What's Fun on Cape Cod. Description based on August 20 - August 27, 1938 edition.
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